Friday, April 04, 2008

On Elitism, Specifically My Own.

I rarely get unsolicited friend requests from people I don't know on MySpace. When I do, I usually add them because I think, "Hey, maybe they read my blog and want to be my friend!" I don't like looking like a total asshole, despite my self-awareness that, most of the time, I can a kind of jerk (at least when it comes to my Internet-protected bravado).

Occasionally, though, I get a request from someone who is just adding random people, and that's annoying. Especially when that person's pictures look something like this:

Note: I deliberately cut off this guy's face, although I'm rather shocked he doesn't have more pictures of JUST his torso.

Now, here's one thing: Abs freak me out. They don't look natural, and when I (rarely) see them in real life, they scare the hell out of me. So, sorry, your six-pack is unappealing.

Also? This:

I know I'm one of the thousands of hipster snobs who emailed / blogged about the NYT article about literary dealbreakers, and I feel like I should explain that I don't think I'd ever end a courtship with someone because they liked Ayn Rand. (Having said that: Would I date an Objectivist? Absolutely not.) Hell, I loved The Fountainhead, but in the same way that I love Valley of the Dolls: it's a guilty pleasure, terribly written, over-wrought, and it has a lot of rough sex. I think that everyone's allowed a few missteps when it comes to their cultural interests, because why would I want to date myself? I can't argue with myself, because I am always right.

But when the entirety of your cultural interests are made up of shitty things, I am not interested. And, frankly, those are the kinds of people who are more apt to pimp their profiles. If I can barely make out what your interests are because you have animations and videos and pictures of Kylie Minogue floating around all over the place, I think it's safe to say that, on a base level, I don't think a friendship would really work out between us.


BG5000 said...

Oh come on, He likes Steel Magnolias, you like Steel Magnolias. It could work. You're friends with people for less.

lkbom said...

If he'd listed She's the Man, would you feel differently about the situation?

Tyler said...

For every shitty movie, there must be at least two good movies listed. So She's the Man and Steel Magnolias would probably not save this dude.

She Smiles said...

I wonder if Ken is his real name or his nickname from being all tanned and plastic like?