Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here's another one!

Obituraries always leave out the really interesting stuff, like how he not only lived to see fifteen presidents, served in the Navy with John F. Kennedy, and almost got into a fight with Henry Fonda in a bar in New York.

Just for the record, I'm doing okay right now. Sure, I'm angry at life, but my bitterness is only, like, two notches above normal. We're still on level orange at the TMA headquarters.


Laurie said...

Your grandpa had a full life! My grandfather was in Melville with the Navy around that time too. Maybe they knew each other.

Dead Robot said...

Hey there!

I came to your site via "Nice to See StevieB" and started to read backwards, hit your Dad's eulogy poem and started to blubber at work.

Okay back it up... My dad is currently having Pancreatic problems much like your dad (my dad has cysts, non-cancerous, thankfully and are inoperable right now). His health is deteriorating. We joke a lot these days (it's our defense mech) and we talk at length about his funeral, even though he's not that ill.

He mentioned that poem as part of his eulogy and I chided him about being too "Four Weddings and a Funeral".

That was weeks ago. Today: I see the full text. Whap. I start to cry, here in my cube. The comedy cuts too close to reality.

Thanks for your posts. I'm going to kill the rest of my Friday reading your blog.

I'm sorry about your loss.