Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I stalk back.

I've admitted several times that I'm obsessed with my SiteMeter, which tells me all sorts of things about You, my reader. Yeah, you. I've come to recognize many of you by location and such, but there are a few of you out there who just make me so curious. Where'd you come from? How'd you find me? Do I know you and you think you're sooo slick that I don't know you're reading?

There are four of you out there, in particular, that I'm curious about.

1. You, in Durham, NC, who occasionally find my blog by Googling "Tyler C0ates Montross." This gives me the impression that you're someone from back home, someone from high school. I know at least four people in North Carolina. One works at a sporting goods store, so I'm ruling him out. The other three, however, have mystery professions, and I'm curious: do any of them work for major computer corporations? (Hint: it's not Dell, or Gateway, or HP.)

2. You, in Fairfax, VA, who check my blog nearly every morning from George Mason University. Did I go to JMU with you? Are you continuing your studies in graduate school? Ph.D. program? How are you these days? Man, do you miss Market One as much as I do?!

3. You, who read my blog through a blog reader from a computer registered to the university I work for. Are you in my office? In my building? Do I know you? Want to do lunch sometime?

4. You, from the Hampton / Virginia Beach / Newport News area. You could, quite possibly, be a few people who all find my blog quite regularly by searching for "too much awesome." Are we related? Did we go to school together? What's your story, sir or madam?

I'm not even going to start on all you Elgin and Hinsdale residents who found my blog through Facebook. I'm sure I don't know who you are.

So, if you feel like shooting me an email saying, "Yes, Tyler, I stalk you. Call me?" I'd really appreciate it. Just because I'm interested in you. And paranoid. But mostly curious.

MAN. Isn't the Internet CREEPY?


Anonymous said...

once, i was at the jackson street chipotle eating lunch with a girl i was dating. i semi-randomly brought up the curious fact that i regularly follow the blog of some random guy i'd stumbled across on chicagobloggers, a guy who talked about eating here all the time. well, actually, to be more specific, i had found some other person's blog on chicagobloggers, read it regularly until she sort of fell off the face of the earth, and then moved over to this other random red-headed guy's blog. so anyway, i wondered out loud what the odds were of him coming in for lunch that day while we were there, and if i was going to gawk and point and stare, as if some minor but nominally famous celebrity (cf. pauly shore) had walked into the restaurant. he didn't. we walked across the street to barnes and noble after lunch and i sat down with some book or another when lo and behold, he walks in with his fried or coworker or whatever. i quickly called my date over and whispered excitedly, "look, it's X----! the guy with the blog! the one you called the hipster weenie!" it was like seeing the loch ness monster, only better.

bets said...

Everytime I come back to your blog I realize it's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

OMG i totally stalk you but not in a "camera in your bathroom, following you on the L, eating your leftovers while you are at work" way, but in a "i die a bit every day from work boredom and need your perpetualy things could be worse yet strangley not depressing attitude" to get me through yet another wednesday. oh, that and you were possibly the most interesting outcome of my first visit to chicag. Handcock building my ass, whatever.
BTW i was petrified that my profile would apear in this weeks posting of "who stalks tyler's blog" *whew*


Jamie said...

I feel you on this one - someone reads my site regularly from the Comfort Inn near O'Hare airport. So strange.

Sarah said...

I have no idea how to use a Site Meter. They overwhelm me.

I have seen you twice in real life, once when I was in your bushes outside your apartment and another time when I was behind your shower curtain.

Okay, so that's not true. But I know I have seen you once, and I got this giant Internet creepiness feeling about the world being one big Internet creep disaster and almost came home and deleted my online life. But then I realized I am obsessed with it and stopped.

ScottScottScott said...

One time, I asked my regular readers to out themselves, but no one took me up on the request. I was kind of pissed. So I'll out myself here...I read your blog. I found it through a link on a friend's blog....potentially the one from your University. if you are a real sleuth you can figure it out. I live in MI but I'm from Chicago...so there you go...

Katie said...

Ok. I confess. I work in the same office as you, although I work on the other side (you know how the two sides don't talk?). I can't remember if you got the job before or after me, but we both started here around the same time. I remember the first time I saw you, I thought, oh shit. I'm potentially a stalker. So I didn't say anything (our sides don't talk - so we have no contact). What would I say anyway "Hi. I read your blog." I'm too weird and shy for that. Plus I'm such a big nerd that I imagined rejection (you, face falling..."oh. great."). So yeah.

I thought I'd confess now. I won't be here much longer...exactly two weeks tomorrow. So now you won't have to wonder forever which of the weird other siders reads your blog.

PS - I originally found you from the Chicago Blogmap. I've been around lurking from nearly the beginning.

Tyler said...


I'm impressed! I figured you were one of the people reading it from Bloglines, and then with ScottScottScott's hinting I figured you were a DePaul student. Now it's all coming together. :)

And I've read your blog, too, I just never realized how close you were!

Erica said...

Um...I don't remember how I found your blog. I'm from Arizona. I decided to post with my real profile so you can stalk my blog if you want, then I'll feel less creepy.

Anonymous said...

You didn't ask about me, but I'll let you know anyway. I am a grad student in South Carolina. I am also a native Virginian. I found your blog through Chris Couch's blog, which in turn I found through Chokey Chicken. I think I might have a crush on you. Keep up the good work.