Thursday, January 11, 2007

"Soups On!" OMG LOLZ!!!!!

Life is pretty terrific right now, and the few issues that do have me stressed on occasion seem to be resolving in the near future. Since I typically only have something to say - something to get me all fired-up like - when I'm angry, or depressed, or generally moody, I'm going to leave you with the above picture of a dog in a pot because A. hilarious!, B. adorables!, C. I'm going to even be nice and not bitch about how much I hate the first week of classes here and having to wait for an elevator, cramped in a small hallway along with forty other business majors!, and D. because I love you all dearly. You're all my little snow-angels.

1 comment:

sarah said...

You know why I hate the first week of classes at DePaul? Because they love my coffeeshop. All of them, at once, at the same hour, at the same noise level, love my coffeeshop.

However, I will not include you in this loathing because of that puppy. Adorables, for sure.