Wednesday, October 19, 2005

This is why I can't watch The OC.

There's a reason I don't watch TV. That reason being that no matter how shitty a TV show is, if I happen to watch it for even a couple of weeks in sequence, I get addicted.

There's the occasional show that I will allow myself to become addicted to, and that is Degrassi: The Next Generation. It's an amazing show. Plus, it comes on eight times a week, so I don't have to commit to one single hour, and I feel that it's not so much an addiction as it is a hobby. My weekly schedule isn't based around Degrassi.

Living with three girls and having only one television has had it's impact on me, especially my Tuesday nights. Now I watch the fucking Gilmore Girls. Yes. That's right. Gilmore Girls. And not only have I seen all the episodes of the the current season, I started watching the first season on DVD last night.

Sally Struthers is on Gilmore Girls and her character's name is Babette. In this episode I'm watching, her cat died, and all of Stars Hollow has turned up for the funeral. Also, Lorelei is totally going to do Rory's teacher. But after the funeral. Let's have some respect for Cinnamon.


Anonymous said...

tuesday nights were made for gilmoing... as my sister says.

glad to hear you weren't actually murdered as well. that would be bad. you couldn't watch gilmore girls anymore if you were dead.


Aethlos said...

Kill Your Television