Thursday, October 27, 2005

Uh...go Sox?

I joined the workforce today. Sort of. I just temped at an art associates office, putting framed posters into boxes. I got really dirty, and for some reason I was told to dress "business casual." I don't understand the obsession with professionalism in the real world.

I also got totally lost trying to find the office because I'm an idiot who only freaks out on the CTA when I have to be somewhere at a certain time. Otherwise, my internal compass kicks in and I always know where I'm going. Today, however, I spent thirty minutes walking around in the River North neighborhood when I really needed to be in the Loop. Silly me.

There's a parade tomorrow for the White Sox. I hate sports but loooove parades!!!!!

This morning on the red line, this crazy man was yelling / singing about how his wife left him for the White Sox. I tried to be like everyone else and completely ignore him, but the red line crazy people really fascinate me. Especially when they have garbage bags tied around their heads like do-rags, as this unfortunate man did. My favorite thing that happened was after being ignored by silent passengers for about twenty minutes, he decided to fold his coat into a pillow and tried to sleep. He kept shouting, "Stop talking, I'm trying to sleep!!"

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