Thursday, October 06, 2005

We're hometown people that you know!

Last night I was online trying to figure out a way to check my credit card balance. In the process I found the website for my hometown bank. Now, this surprised me because I didn't even think they had a website, and when I got excited that maybe I could finally access online banking and actually know for certain what my balance was. Of course, the website was just a list of services my bank offered, as well as the occasional testimonial about how much Peoples Community Bank of Montross kicks ASS.

Here's my favorite, which I think gives you an idea about my roots:

"I take my lawnmower racing seriously. Because the charities I race for do serious work. And when I need cash for spare parts or a quick fix, I always turn to my community partner Peoples Community Bank.

-Hudnall Haydon, Northern Neck Lawnmower Racing Association"

Yes, lawnmower races. I've been to tractor pulls before, but somehow I missed seeing grown men on lawnmowers compete against each other.

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