Thursday, December 29, 2005

There's a freak-out brewing at my house, my hoooouuuuussse

Tonight Joe, Janna, and I were talking about our New Years party. I'm excited / nervous / excited again about it. It's going to be pretty big (we're expecting about fifty people). Which is a big deal because none of us really know anyone in Chicago. Most of the people coming are flying in from out of state. But that's okay, it's going to be fun!

Joe's friend apparently is bringing two mangnums of Cristal champagne. I'm dubious about this, only because, honestly, what post-graduate kids have Cristal at a party? I mean, I was planning to buy a handle of the store-brand tequila because it was five dollars cheaper than Jose Cuervo. Also, Cristal kind of makes me think of cocaine in a way. Whenever I think of one of the other, I also think of a lot of bling and potential shootings. I guess I'll just keep on my toes.

[The bling/shootings comment was not intended to be a racist statement. Look at Kevin Federline. He's two coke lines away from a dead entourage member.]

I didn't really do much today. I still have a sore throat, which sucks. I DID get an email back from the library HR department letting me know that my resume was received (hmm, I sent it four weeks ago?) and that it was being forwarded to the hiring manager. Since I usually get no word back at all, I'm taking this as a good sign.

Seriously, Chicago. Give me a job already. If there happens to be anyone reading this and would like to work with me, then shoot me an email. Seriously! I can be entertaining in person, too! I tell great stories!

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Aethlos said...

No, the sofia film is NOT a joke... yikes! I might like to work with you, but can you do paralegal work? ;) Oh, and are you having any intelligent (and hot) fairies in from out of town?! If so, i hope i get an invitation 2 your party. :)