Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Brushes with fame.

After two hours of standing in line, waiting patiently, and trying to think of something clever / interesting / non-douchey to say, this happened:

Amy: Hello!

Me: Hi.

Amy: Oh, "Tyler." You're my first Tyler today!

Me: Oh. That's pretty exciting.

Amy: "Oh. That's pretty exciting." You sure sound pretty excited.

Me: Well, I'm just trying to keep it cool. You know, I don't want to embarrass myself, just in case I ever see you again.

Amy (while making direct eye contact): Oh, we'll be seeing each other again. [Beat] Okay, thank you!

Me: Bye!

Amy: ...and good luck at the clinic!

Aaaaand scene.


Anonymous said...

thats so awsome! the sedaris' (sp?) grew up where i did and i have always wanted to meet them!
this is me, jealous.

bex said...
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bex said...

brilliant! well played.

i had a fun book signing brush with david awhile back, and the exchange was less awesome. but he did write "thank you for making me rich" in my book.

panda head said...

you lucky son of a bitch.

MonoCerdo said...

I'm late on this, but getting a "good luck at the clinic" farewell from Amy Sedaris is about as awesome as it gets. Well, for book signings at least.

Chris said...

I have to second that. Having Amy Sedaris tell you Good luck at the clinic is the cultural equivalent of having Babe Ruth take you out to hit a few balls.