Wednesday, December 20, 2006

At least this one is holiday-themed.

Somewhere, my corporate doppelgänger (mmm, umlaut) is enjoying a nice bourbon and ginger ale at his company's posh Christmas party, whereas I am sitting here in my cubicle enjoying a slightly upset stomach from eating a luke-warm chicken breast and a non-alcoholic jello shot.


garin said...

I feel your pain. What's a company party w/out real jello shots? fuckers.

I think when Eli turned to me and said: "I feel like i'm living out an episode from "The Office" summed up the "party" the best.

morgan said...

isn't a non-alcoholic jello shot just like, jello? i'm going to start calling everything non-alcoholic ________. i mean, unless it has alcohol in it. then i'm calling it mine. zing!