Tuesday, December 05, 2006

GOD. I miss the '90s.


Broady said...

I love when faded American rock stars film those cheesy Euro weekend shows. I'm pretty sure that they get lured into it by free plane tickets to Europe and the siren song of free booze when they land on the Continent. Works for me.

My favorite Euro-esque detail in this video HAS to be all the young children crowded around this guy as he swills beer and spouts off smart-ass answers to German fan mail. Precious.

gutenmegan said...

oh god, eugene kelly mention, german, it's too much! although i haven't listened to the lemonheads in ten years, i did love them once upon a way-too-late-for-grunge teenagerdom.

bex said...

i am so glad that evan read my letter aloud on tv! and that he so thoroughly and succinctly answered my question about female bi-level haircuts and body piercing!