Thursday, December 06, 2007

I think the Grammy Awards are stupid and this is why.

Both Amy Winehouse and Feist were nominated for the Best New Artist award.

This category is a misnomer.

Amy Winehouse's nomination comes for her second album. Her previous, Frank, was released in 2003. Feist's nominated album is her third; Let It Die was released in 2004, and Monarch in 1999.

This is almost as ridiculous as when Shelby Lynne won in 2000 for her sixth album, I Am Shelby Lynne.

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lkbom said...

Oh, Ty-Ty, don't you know by now that "Best NEW artist" really just means: "Artist who plugged away relentlessly for years but only made it to mainstream radio six months ago and we all THINK is new"?

BTW- nice job on beating me to making a least favorites list, I was saving that one for a few more days.