Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Way I Are.

Christina told me last night that after re-watching Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special (1988), she discovered why she feels like a gay man trapped in a young woman's body (culturally speaking, of course). To make her point, she told me to find this video, which features Grace Jones singing "The Little Drummer Boy."

Personally, I blame her parents for letting her watch so many reruns of The Love Boat, but who am I to judge?

We also spent about an hour on YouTube watching old Sesame Street clips. I told her that this video explains why I am who I am:

"What child gets excited about all of those celebrity cameos?" she asked. Clearly, that child was me; I loved Rhea Perlman and Danny DeVito.

An aside: my father still loves "Put Down the Duckie."

And I realized my hatred for a capella stems from these dudes:


I have a couple of other favorite Sesame clips, such as this one where Patti Labelle sings "How I Miss My X."

Do you see what they did there?

And finally, I've always wanted to be this little girl's BFF:


Miss Yvonne said...

1. I never told you to find that video.

2. We are watching that tonight. The WHOLE THING. Yes we are.

lkbom said...

Good. I'm posting a letter on Craigslist asking all the gay men trapped in young women's bodies to unite. No longer shall we repress our love of Cher, show tunes, and all that is holy and tranny-like.

P.S. what's up with Grace Jones' breast plate? I'm thinking of making myself one out of those rubber non-stick bundt pans, and of course one of those nifty construction paper hats.

I could write a whole blog on the experience of watching that video, but I won't. I'll just put it in your comments instead.