Friday, December 28, 2007


I brought two discs of Deadwood home with me, as I'm in the middle of the second season, and since we're all adults around here, I figured it as OK to watch it in front of my parents.


I don't think they've been more offended by a television show. And it's not because in almost every episode you see one of the prostitutes giving a BJ. Or because there's a lot of violence, seemingly without consequence. No, it's because they say "fuck" a lot.

Five minutes into it, my father says, "I don't think they said that back then. This show isn't realistic."

It's so goddamn typical that the language would upset them. And entertaining, in a way, since my parents have never been ones to watch their language around their children. Or aging parents. While they usually reserve the F-word for very special occasions (read: when yelling at me), they do say "shit" quite often. In fact, my mother has called me a "shithead" at least twice since I've been home, and it hasn't even been a week.

She's also quite fascinated with "cocksucker" now that she's seen parts of Deadwood. The other night I heard her asking my eighteen-year-old brother if he's ever heard anyone use that word.

Something tells me that by next Christmas, Momma is gonna have a new term of endearment in her vocabulary.


each of the two said...

OMG, your parents are my parents.
did that generation grow up on a commune together?

seriously, "shit" is my mum's favorite word, but the minute i take her to a play (a great fucking play i might add) she says "its good, but im having trouble getting into it because of all the cursing"
yeah there were a lot of "fucks" but it was about a famous band.

(ps BOTH my parents said "fuck" on christmas morning... my sister and i almost choked)

Katy said...

My sister got my dad to attend his first movie since Independence Day- No Country for Old Men. I couldn't even finish our conversation when he told me how terrible it was and what he REALLY wanted to see was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Apparently after the movie he stood up and announced "That sucked! I'm going home to watch Bonanza." That truly sickens me.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Show this to your dad as proof: