Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another year of keeping my tank tops tucked away.

The week of Spring that we get in Chicago is already over, which means that Summer is here! (Otherwise known as Arm Issues Season.) It will now be constantly sizzling and muggy outside and my forehead and underarms will not be dry until September. Sexy, right?


Butchy McButcherson said...

3x8- Bench Press
3x10-Cable Flys
3x20- Regular Push-Ups

3x10 Shld Press
3x10 Side and Front raises
3x10 Lat Pulldowns
3x10 Low Rows

3x10 Barbell Bicep Curls
3x10 Tri Bench Dips
3x8,10,12 Concentration Curls
3x10 Tricep Kickbacks

Laurie said...

i feel your pain. a thousand times. savannah is like a sauna these days..already over 90 every day, and it's only June...i miss living in the real world