Monday, June 16, 2008

Poor choices.

Drinking eight beers while watching the Tonys alone is probably a new low for me. I don't know; when I think of the other dumb things I've done when I was drunk and around people, I feel like live-blogging the Tony Awards on my Tumblr (live-Tumblin'?) is probably not that bad. Whatever; it was Father's Day and I was depressed. I have an eternal excuse for my stupid behavior. Well, it might at least last me through the rest of the year.


MSM said...

Let's add live texting to that list shall we!

Jamie said...

I don't care how drunk you are, it should NEVER be called "Live Tumblin'."

That is all.

Jason said...

i actually liked your live blogging of the Tony's .. it was very anti-tumblr and anything that goes against what all the other assholes on Tumblr are doing makes me very happy. i'm in a very FUCK TUMBLR mood these days as you can tell