Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blog game zone.

So I saw this on another blog and thought it was a fun idea.

I listened to my iTunes at random and typed up the first lines of the first thirty songs I heard. Some are tough and some are really easy. If you recognize one, leave a comment with the title and artist. And don't cheat and look the lines up on Google!

When correct answers are posted in comments, I'll cross-out the lyrics in the actual post.

1. Sexy Sadie, what have you done? You made a fool of everyone.

2. So you don’t get to be a saint. Martyrs never last this long. Guess I’ll never be the one to defeat desire in song.

3. I got tired, I killed it through and through. I don’t wanna make the same mistakes, the same mistakes with you.
ANSWER: Jon Brion - "Mistakes"

4. As I stumble into bed, I curse the devil in my head. And if I die before I wake, I hope the Lord won’t hesitate the pluck my coffin from the ground, He need not heed the neighbors now. And throw me up for all to see, the flies of August swarming me.
ANSWER: Liz Phair - "Ride"

5. You’re obsessed with finding a new brain, but what you need is a new body. It feels your brain has lived a thousand lives before.

6. Well no one told me about her, the way she lied. Well no one told me about her, how many people cried.

7. I was thinking I could clean up for Christmas, and then, baby, I’m through. Four more weeks couldn’t make any difference, except maybe to you.

8. Slavin’ away, all for you, my love. And I’ve nothing to show for it, ‘cept my dusty old book full of pictures. Dusty old book, tell me a story about how I wasn’t so tired from my slavin’ away.
ANSWER: Fiery Furnaces - "Slavin' Away"

9. When you were young you were the King of Carrot Flowers and how you built a tower tumbling through the trees.

10. Small stakes give you blues. You don’t feel taken or think you’ve been used.

11. His name was Perry. He had a learning difficulty. His father was a very mean man. His father burned his skin. His father sent him to his death. He was ten years old.

12. The clouds starting forming, five o’clock PM. A tunnel cloud touched down five miles north of Russellville.
ANSWER: Drive-By Truckers - "Tornadoes"

13. I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a flannel for my face, pajamas, a hairbrush, new shoes, and a case. I said to my reflection, “Let’s get out of this place.”

14. There’s a voice on the phone telling what had happened; some kind of confusion, more like a disaster. And I wondered how you were left unaffected.

15. Speaking outrageously, I write in cursive. I hide in my bed with the lights on the floor. Wearing three layers of coats and leg-warmers, I see my own breath on the face on the door.

16. I’m a ghost, and I wanted you to know that it’s taken all my strength to make this toast.

17. Just afloat on the sea. Find myself on a page in history. You know as I ride along, I can always hear the song about you and where you’re meant to be.

18. Headlights race toward the corner of the dining room half illuminate a face before they disappear. You breathe in forty years of failing to describe a feeling. I breathe out smoke against the window, trace the letters in your name.

19. When you wake up feeling old at this piano filled with souls, some strange purse stuffed nervous with gold. Can you be where you want to be?
ANSWER: Wilco - "When You Wake Up Feeling Old"

20. You’re everything you need and so you fight. You take them on your own until you die. The wisdom in your breath comes much to late. And everyone you see just gets a face.
ANSWER: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Still Suspicion Holds You Tight"

21. Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore. Baby got big and baby get bigger.
ANSWER: Patti Smith - "Rock & Roll Nigger"

22. Thought you were the only fish in the sea. Thought you were the only leaf on my tree. Thought that you would miss me when we took that walk. Thought you were the only paint on my wall.
ANSWER: Be Your Own Pet - "Love Your Shotgun"

23. I am an American aquarium drinker. I assasin down the avenue. I'm hiding out in the big city blinkin'. What was I thinkin' when I let go of you?

24. A single rose in the garden dwells. Like any rose it’s not itself. It is my love in your garden grows, but let’s pretend it’s just a rose.
ANSWER: Magnetic Fields - "I'm Sorry I Love You"

25. Well I came upon a child of God. He was walking along the road and as I asked him, “Tell me, where are you going?” And this he told me:
ANSWER: Joni Mitchell or CSN&Y - "Woodstock"

26. I know you want to leave me, but I refuse to let you go. If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy, I don’t mind ‘cause you mean that much to me.

27. My name should be trouble, my name should be woe. For trouble and heartbreak is all that I know.
ANSWER: Conway Twitty - "Danny (Lonely Blue Boy)"

28. And so it is, just like you said it would be. Life goes easy on me most of the time.

29. My arms are all twisted. The only thing I miss is. I messed up I missed it. I messed up the missing of you.
ANSWER: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Mysteries"

30. Louis is probably thirty years old but he looks like a solid forty-five. Louis says that he’s got a headache. I look in his eyes and I believe him.


Anonymous said...

I actually know a couple. 9 is King of Carrot Flowers Part 1, and number 26 is Ain't too Proud to Beg by The Temptations


Kelly said...

i am trying t obreak your heart by wilco
i had to get that one, natch

Laurie said...


1. "Sexy Sadie" by the Beatles (or some random cover of the song)

2. "Benediction" by the Weakerthans

7. "I Was Thinking I Could Clean Up for Christmas" by Aimee Mann

10. "Small Stakes" by Spoon

13. "Tempted by the Fruit of Another" by Squeeze

15. "Predatory Wasp of the Palisades..." by Sufjan Stevens

18. "This is a Firdoor Never leave Open" by the Weakerthans (i'm going to see them tomorrow night!)

28. "The Blower's Daughter," I assume the Damien Rice version although you may have others on your ipod.

There were a couple others that i recognized but couldnt place but i resisted the urge to google!! i will do it after i post this.

Steve said...

I'm going to do this when I get home. In the meantime...

5. "Your Accidntl Deth" (or however they spell it) by Rilo Kiley

Laurie said...

okokok, #14 is a bright eyes song but i cant remember the title!
does that count??
thanks for this game, it has occupied my mind all freakishly boring day.

morgan said...

oh man i'm going to do FOUR. and in no particular order.
thanks tyler i needed a game to play.

Tyler said...

The Bright Eyes song (#14), Laurie, is "Going for the Gold".

And Morgan, that WAS in a particular order. DUMB.

But thanks for playing!

nicole said...

16. "I'm a Ghost" Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

morgan said...

i guess it was. nicole richie knows what she did.