Thursday, July 13, 2006

A few highly intellectual thoughts.

Last night was pretty goddamn wonderful because I finished my creative writing class, which is a huge load off my mind, and I drank two three (I just remembered) glasses of wine and watched Project Runway. I was planning to write about my class, but I figured I could also mention a few things about PR.

1. Keith is my favorite because his thesis about Gone with the Wind / The Carol Burnett Show blew my fucking mind.

2. Alison is adorable despite her lisp and lack of personality.

3. I really wanted Jeffrey to get kicked off. It's not that because his dress was gross (it was), but it's because of his neck tattoos. I am anti-neck tattoos. The tattoos, combined with the right eyebrown with the fade, makes him look like a walking optical illusion.

4. I've come up with a mathematical formula:
(Nick Cave + Mr. Bean) - Rowan Atkinson + (Richard E. Grant / 2) * GAY = Malan
He makes me want to throw up.

I actually have work to do now, I'll write about class lataz.


Kelly said...

I HATE neck tattoo guy. Did you notice that he didn't have it in his videos, meaning that it recently, he must have thought "hey, I'm going to get a big ass neck tattoo that's really scripty and big and UGLY!"

Katie said...

Malan is clearly a serial killer. The laugh, the weird (fake?) accent, the greasy hair and i mean, that laugh! Gives me chills.

Lisa said...

I hate neck tattoo's, too, but since part of his says "Detroit," I'm willing to give him a little bit of slack.

Steve said...

I didn't like the guy who won. He was a conceited dickbag.

Tyler said...

Yeah, but his was the best. When you're the best, you are entitled to be a conceited dickbag.

Jamie said...

That Malan equation is the funniest fucking thing I have ever read on a blog. Hands down.

He is Captain Creepy, for sure. AND THAT LAUGH?! GAH. Shivers.