Friday, July 07, 2006


That pug is so cute I want to squeeze him 'til he poops! Thanks, Cute Overload!

I'm in an a pretty awesomely good mood today for a few reasons:

1. In honor of Taste of Chicago, I get a two hour lunch break. I was originally going to skip the Taste and go to the library and nap, but now I'm meeting Nicole, Dan, Kristin, Lisa, and Lisa's friend Tyler. So now I'm excited.

[Also, this might seem weird, but I don't think I've ever really met another Tyler my age. Remember how in Back to the Future Part II Jennifer from 1985 meets Jennifer from 2015 and they both pass out because it's way too po-mo for either of them to handle? I hope that doesn't happen when I meet Tyler #2.]

2. It's Lynette's birthday today, so my boss brought donuts. Mmm, donuts.

3. I listened to the new Peaches album, Impeach My Bush, on my commute this morning. I was very hyper-sensitive of the volume level of my iPod earphones because I didn't want anyone to hear what I was listening to. I'm not sure how I feel about Peaches. She's so disgusting, yet incredibly entertaining. It's not even good music, but I can't not like it. Megan and I decided this morning that Peaches is like Junior Senior, only with more fucking.

4. I went to speak with a lady from the DePaul English department yesterday about the MA program. I've decided that I'm going to apply for January 2007. When I think about it, the MAPH program at UChicago doesn't seem like a good idea when I realize that a. I don't want to be sixty-thousand dollars in debt, b. eight courses isn't a lot of credit to apply toward a PhD program, and c. I don't want to be sixty-thousand dollars in debt. At DePaul, I can work, continue to live on the LP/Lakeview border, and get a mostly-free (since I'll be responsible for taxes on the graduate courses) Master's degree. Also, I don't have to take the GRE and the thesis is optional. So, yeah. Duh.

5. We're going to sign a lease this weekend, finally.

6. And that pug. That's worth posting a second time:


Anonymous said...

lmfao, tyler!

megan (back to the full thing, thank god)

Anonymous said...

you know what's going to really happen, though, right? you'll meet your friends, and somehow, it won't registe that you and 'tyler' are actually the same person. well that is, not until lisa starts acting all weird around you.

Sara said...

Conrad has a cousin named Tyler. Tyler Too (ha!) is 6.