Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Loss of innocence.

Last night Nicole and I were watching TV. Well, Nicole was watching TV and I was trying to take it over because she was watching that episode of Degrassi that I've seen a million times where Paige is doing the student teacher, who looks so much like a sad little puppy dog I just want to kick him in his stupid, round face. It was the same episode that Manny and Paige get into that stupid catfight, and Emma turns into this "feminist" who is all, "MEN! Who needs them?!" (even though she has a huge crush on the boy two doors down who just looks weird, like God pinched his face when he was born or something).

Anyway, I took the remote and started flipping through the HBOs and came to a movie where the first shot we saw involved Lindsay Wagner walking through a locker room and a naked black man jumping up from a bench to a locker to conceal his manhood. And then we realized that the man was Denzel Washington and we just got a quick glance at his penis. It felt really uncomfortable, because there are just some people you shouldn't seen naked: your parents, Julie Andrews, and Denzel Washington.

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nicole said...

I still can't believe I saw Denzel's penis!!! I feel so... dirty.