Tuesday, July 25, 2006

An Open Letter to Zach Braff.

Hey Dude,


So I was looking on Amazon this morning and found the soundtrack to your new movie. (By the way, what's it like to have that creepy guy from Ghost direct you in a film? I guess you'd imagine he could handle it since he also directed this gem.)

Anyway, I was reading that you had a hand in picking the songs for the soundtrack, which is, like, so sweet, right? Let's take a look at what you picked:

1. Snow Patrol - "Chocolate"
2. Joshua Radin - "Star Mile"
3. Turin Brakes - "Pain Killer"
4. Coldplay - "Warning Sign"
5. Cary Brothers - "Ride"
6. Athlete - "El Salvador"
7. Imogen Heap - "Hide and Seek"
8. Rachel Yamagata - "Reason Why"
9. Ray LaMontagne - "Hold You In My Arms"
10. Remy Zero - "Prophecy"
11. Fiona Apple - "Paper Bag"
12. Aimee Mann - "Today's The Day"
13. Amos Lee - "Arms Of A Woman"
14. Rufus Wainwright - "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Reprise)"
15. Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - "Paperweight"


Oh, what? Sorry. I kinda just dozed off there. It's amazing, Zach, how exhausting your blandness is.

But hey, at least I have something to buy my mom for her birthday!

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