Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 will be 2000-GREAT!

I was mostly busy at home the past few days to come up with any ideas for more year-in-review posts. I was going to come up with a list of my favorite movies of 2007, but I realized I didn't see that many (but I still recommend Once and No Country for Old Men). And I was going to form a list of my favorite songs from the year, but I realized I didn't have the patience to do that and, really, I'm not a great music writer in the first place. It hit me over the weekend, however, that I didn't want to look back on 2007 anymore; the first half of the year was absolutely miserable, but I was lucky that the second half turned out pretty damn well. I think that if you'd been following this blog in the last twelve months, you'd notice that, too.

So I have so high hopes for 2008. I've got a new job that, while stressful (I've been having work dreams for the past three nights in anticipation for my return tomorrow), is a lot better in every aspect than my previous one. And it allows for some of my resolutions for the new year: join the fancy-assed gym that would normally cost me over a hundred dollars a month (but is reduced to less than half that price), pay off my credit card bills while still being able to pay rent (as I make seven hundred more dollars a month), and start working on a master's in the fall.

There are a few others, too, like building my professional outfits (I'd like to own a suit - not that I need one or have a place to wear one, but I want one). I also want to buy a real coat, so I don't have to rely on combining a hoodie and a thin H&M jacket. And I want to get some furniture, like a desk and a dining-room table. Even though I'm making more money, this will still be a challenge. Will I be able to do all of these things and still take a trip to Savannah to visit Laurie? I hope so!

I also plan to stop smoking, and since you can no longer smoke in bars in Chicago, that will probably be a lot easier to do.

And I'm going to start replacing the toilet paper on the dispenser instead of leaving it on the back of the toilet. Seriously; this is the year.


lkbom said...

I don't think anyone's ever been able to accomplish that last one. If you can do it, you'll be a champion to all.

Oh, and when you get a dining room table you totes need to have a dinner party. And wear your new suit.

Anonymous said...


i read the last line as "i'm gonna start using toilet paper"