Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Everyone's too stupid.

I'm at work. And I know I shouldn't blog at work. But if certain people are allowed to blast "Toxic" from their cubes, then I'm going to take it upon myself to blog on my lunch break, which I have voluntarily reduced from an hour to a half-hour (that means two and a half more hours a week, people, which is twenty-five whole dollars before taxes!).

My coworkers are kind of odd. I won't single any of them out because the majority of them are just slightly strange. No one talks to me other than nodding or saying hello in passing.

Generally, they all look like they should be models for the Guess Who? game characters. You know exactly what I mean.

Luckily, I hook up my iPod to the computer speakers and listen to my music all day. While my neighbor drives me crazy with his Latin music, I drive him crazy with my Fiery Furnaces.

I've come across some really obnoxious things while processing these applications. Personally, I believe that if you can't fill out the application correctly, you should rethink a college career. For example, people leave questions blank all the time. I'm not talking about those regarding ethnicity. I'm talking about stuff like whether they will live on or off campus. Sure, it's a tough decision, but if you're applying from Minneapolis, you might not want to commute to Lincoln Park everyday.

Also, the kids who don't capitalize proper names when filling out the online application drive me crazy. That means I have to go back and fix all of the names. Look, kids, this is college. There isn't going to be someone checking your work anymore.

Oh, and here's a good one: this girl wrote down a zip code in place of an area code. I swear people, the children are our future.

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