Thursday, February 23, 2006

Now I need to figure out how to put this on my resume.

Remember how I mentioned maybe a month back how someone contacted me about a picture on Flickr of Laurie, Kristin, and Dan walking home from a Cubs game. Well, unless you're a great stalker, you probably don't, so I'll refresh your memory. This guy who runs Cubscast wanted to use the picture for a photo caption contest at the Cubs convention. I checked back after the convention and saw another picture, so I assumed they weren't going to use it after all.

Then today I was bored at work and Googling myself (of course), and I found my name on the website. They ended up using the picture after all, which I thought was pretty exciting. Here's the picture with the captions. I don't get most of them because I don't care about baseball, but maybe one of my readers is a Cubs fan and will enjoy this.

  1. "Hey! We Just got back from our study abroad...did we miss anything?" - Tom
  2. "I can't believe she bought the same outfit as me and then I find out Sosa left the Cubs, it was soooo embarassing." - Freddy
  3. "Wow! That girl must have been at the convention too. I wonder why everything Sosa was so cheap." - Kevin
  4. "You know I love you baby, but I love Sosa more." - James
  5. "Dang! Where did we leave our pom poms?" - Joey
  6. FIRST PRIZE WINNER: "Which way to the casting call for 'That 90's Show?'" - Dan
  7. "Its all just a conspiracy, we know in our hearts Sosa still plays here" - Steven
  8. "Man, this walk to Japan SUCKS!" - Ryan
  9. "Leaving Wrigley dejected, they found out Sammy had not come back from the Happy Fairyland mom told them about?" - Steven
  10. "Maybe she'll go out with me if I convince her and her friend Sammy is still on the team." - Marty
  11. "I know baby, it's hard to swing the big stick without being juiced. Want to go to Hi-tops?" - Adam
  12. "That girl in the middle is probably pretty hot." - Dave
  13. "Hmm, 21 is also the legal drinking age. Coincidence?" - Aaron
  14. "This is the closest Sammy Sosa can get to getting a Triple Double." - Jimmy
  15. "Katrina victims Ron and Cheryl Davis with daughter Judy begrudgingly sport their donated Sammy Sosa attire. Ron Davis - 'I asked for some D-Lee shirts but this was all they had.'" - Dave
  16. "Sammy Sosa (right), left unsigned and unwanted by even the likes of the Northern League Schaumburg Flyers, begins his shameful walk from Cooperstown (after his ill-fated attempt to persuade the head of the Baseball Hall of Fame to wave the 5-year retirement requirement just for him, as he hoped to be inducted into the Hall of Fame while still an active player) to the Trump Tower in New York, where he will live with his only remaining friend (Donald), his two remaining fans (pictured), and any of his family willing to put scorn and shame upon their names for generations to come." - Phil
  17. "Don't chicks dig the long ball?" - Tim
  18. "After finally getting off the juice, it was revealed that Sammy Sosa was actually white. His fans still stick by him." - Doug
  19. "Sosa Fans Go HOME!!!" - Jeff
  20. "A bulked up Sammy Sosa tries to sneak back into Hohokam Stadium for tryouts, dressed up as a white guy and two white women, but those skirts aren't fooling anyone. The bright whiteness of his left leg is obviously clown makeup." - Leif
  21. "How do you say 'HOLY COW!' in Japanese?" - Kyle
  22. "You know hunny, maybe that girl over there would like to find out why they call me 'Slammin' Sammy.'" - Derek
  23. "Girl: If you really loved would've worn the skirt too!!" - Bryant
  24. "ok girls for this year we're going to have to get corey patterson jerseys!" - Steve
  25. "blonde cheerleaders have been 'berry, berry good to me'" - Chris
  26. "Why can't I quit you?" - Brad
  27. "Sammy Sosa spelled backwrods is asos mas!" - Scott
  28. "What people don't know is that these three people thought they bought Derrek Lee t-shirts" - John
  29. "Is this the Cubs clothing we can win?" - Todd
  30. "Dude, if the Bears lose to the Panthers in the playoffs, me, my girlfriend AND her abnormally pale friend will wear sosa jerseys the rest of the year!" - Bebo
  31. "Two Sosa's and his Baby" - Rob
  32. "Sosa's new girlfriend. If only his relationship with Dusty Baker was just as good..." - Jason
  33. "In order to increase their fanbase, the new and improved Tampa Bay 'Rays' change their colors to red, white, and blue." - Chip
PS. I don't think the winning caption is funny. My favorite is number thirty, only because it blatantly makes fun of Laurie's snow-white tan.

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Christina said...

Those were all pretty terrible, you should have entered one, and then had the winning picture with the winning caption. Double resume points.