Friday, February 17, 2006

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear.

I'm sitting on my bed wearing a collared button-up shirt and a tie and a sweater. I was going to go out with Lindsay and Kristin but I bailed because, frankly, I'm tired and broke and my knee hurts. My knee started hurting yesterday. It does this weird thing when I sit where it just hurts for a while, and when I extend my leg my knee-cap clicks. It's happened before; I think it started when I fell on my knee in sixth grade. It hasn't really bothered me in years, though, so I'm curious as to why the pain has started up again.

I'll wear my hipster-formal getup tomorrow night at Julia's cocktail party, so don't worry. I know you were quite upset.

Work was uneventful. Luckily, I got to sit down at the computer today instead of shuffling files all around the office. Seriously, why would anyone put random files into boxes and not alphabetize them? Isn't the alphabet the very basis of filing? Apparently not in university admissions offices.

While I fooled around on PeopleSoft processing checks for application fees, I discovered how awesome Google chat is. I talked with my friend Marjilla all day and it was fun. I realize that it's the same as talking to someone on AIM, but the novelty of Google chat hasn't worn off yet. It's only been a day.

I listened to seven albums today: Rilo Kiley's The Execution of All Things, Prince's Purple Rain, Lou Reed's Transformer, Nick Cave's The Lyre of Orpheus, Abbatoir Blues, Murder Ballads, and The Boatman's Call. I'm pretty much obsessed with Nick Cave right now. I downloaded Murder Ballads before I left for work, and tonight I got Let Love In and Tender Prey. It's a heavy, heavy night.

But don't you worry, I also downloaded the soundtrack to Little Shop of Horrors.

I'm currently trying to get through Fay by Larry Brown, and it's rather disappointing. Everything that has happened so far has been extremely predictable and somewhat contrived. Hopefully it picks up soon or I'll just go on to something else. Danielle Trussoni's Falling Through the Earth comes out next week, and I'd like to finish it before she does a reading in March and Women and Children First.

I don't have anything snappy to end this with, so I'll leave you with this article. The poor man had to apologize to Dick Cheney for getting shot in the face. Oh, Republicans! I'll never understand you!

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one of my top ten favorite songs ever