Thursday, February 02, 2006

Official Work Force Member, 2006.

Today was my second day at the really hip retail store. I don't like it much. It's a lot of work and my bosses are my age and that feels weird. Also, I'm one of the very few people who aren't college students. Also, it's not full time and they only scheduled me for twenty four hours next week. Also, everyone wears the same pair of girls' jeans and have the same asymmetrical haircut.

The good thing about it is that I've met cool people and I like them. So far there aren't many people that annoy me. Make sure you read that carefully - there aren't many. When I got to work this morning at 4:30 and we sat around chatting while waiting for the shipments to come in, I kept thinking, "Would it be bad to write about this person in my blog? Would it be easy for them to find it?" The answer is yes, and I'd feel guilty. I'll just say there's at least one kid who is kind of like an eight-year-old who is constantly starving for attention and holds on to conversations by saying ridiculous statements like, "I bet riding a bike is like a second language to you," or by pulling out his driver's license to show you how he used to be two hundred pounds heavier. Oh shit, I just wrote about him. Eh, well.

Oh, by the way, I'm quitting because I GOT A REAL FUCKING JOB.

Well, technically it's not "real". It's a long-term temporary position that may go into June. But I'm excited because it's full time and pays well and I WON'T HAVE TO MOVE HOME. Seriously, it's so good to know that. I'm staying in Chicago!

I am kind of bummed that I won't get to see the cool people I met this week, so I might tell the manager that I can work occasionally on the weekends. I mean, I still want the discount - I didn't even get the chance to use it!

Anyway, that's all the news I have. We still don't have the internet or cable, but since I've got a real job I figured I could afford to use the wireless connection at Julius Meinl.


megan said...


now get your internet back on so i have something interesting to read in the mornings when i get to work. you're the only who posts at 3 a.m.

what type of asymmetrical haircut does everyone have?

MonoCerdo said...

Nice work! Does your new long-term temporary position happen to be at the Merchandise Mart? Because I hear that's where all the coolest kids in Chicago get their start. Ahem.

Tyler said...

Ha, no, it's at DePaul downtown. Although I did temp two days at Merchandise Mart and they sucked a lot. Especially when I spent eight hours with this annoying girl boxing up the employee Christmas presents.