Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm almost a mature adult.

I was just upstairs getting a coke from the machine in the student lounge. I walked past the windows that face onto the roof-top patio. There was this guy in his blue and red graduate robe, and he was standing in front of the Sears Tower and his mother was taking a picture of him with his diploma. To my own surprise, I did not think any negative thoughts toward this person. In fact, I was excited for his success.

I should probably add, though, that the guy was Asian, and if it was a white guy I probably would have thought he was a douchebag. So there you have it: for a split second, I confused my own racism (racism in the vein of "All black guys are good basketball players" and "All Jews are rich") with maturity. I suck.

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Anonymous said...

your cool.