Friday, June 23, 2006

Just call me Schneider, 'cause I'm taking it one day at a time.

Thank God for Cute Overload. It really gets me through the day.

I've been in a pretty top-notch mood since Wednesday night when I read my second poem for class. I had decided the night before that I hated class and really wasn't looking forward to going anymore. Then my professor liked my poem much better than the first I turned in, so I was pretty pleased (with myself). That's really all that needs to happen for me to be in a good mood. Stroke my ego. I'll stop complaining in a second.

My newly discovered poetry skillz and the easing tension over the new apartment (which I hope hope hope is almost within my grasp) have made the last two days a little bit easier on me. And the weekend is promising, since I'm going to the Long Grove Strawberry Festival with friends and then Fiery Furnaces (which I'm nervous about because I'm going alone). I'm happy that things in the very immediate future have "fun" written all over them.

I talked to my mom this morning to check in with the homefront. My grandmother is going into hospice care at the hospital since things aren't getting any better. My parents have decided to postpone the Chicago trip, which I really am disappointed about, but I also understand that it's just too crazy for them to come at the end of the month. My mother was disappointed that she isn't going to see the Coach House, but I told her that she was luck-y because the place is gross and I'm one-hundred-percent over it. Between the stove, which is perpetually dirty (please remember that I only make cook frozen pizza and the occasional chicken strips), and the litterbox situation (this morning I discovered that at least one of the cats (I've got my money on this little princess) has been just using the floor in the basement instead of the new automatic litterbox, but I can't blame her because the thing is terrifying), I'm just incredibly disgusted for most of the time I'm in the house and rarely leave my room. I told my mother that she wasn't going to be missing much.

At this point, I've got a few small things that are still keeping my spirits higher than normal. Stuff like this (and this! Thanks, Marjilla!). It makes me happy when people I don't like (it's his voice! he sounds like he has a constant case of dry-mouth!) look that effed up.


Marjilla said...

I got a shout out in your blog???!!! WHAT AN HONOR! THANKS Y'ALL!

nicole said...

hmm.... maybe I don't want to come back. at least we only have to deal with it for 3 more weeks!

morgan said...

why would someone want to put their cat in that thing. it looks like r2d2 is eating that cat and that is kind of fucked up.