Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doughnuts times two.

As you may remember, I was concerned about my birthday last Friday because it's the office tradition for my boss to buy doughnuts in honor of her employees' birthdays. I had not told my boss about my birthday, and then she left the country for three weeks, so I was freaking out about whether or not I should mention my birthday to my manager.

I had kind of forgotten about the situation on Friday, and around 8:30 I said to Fabiola that I was going to Dunkin Donuts and wanted to know if she wanted anything. She said, "Uh, just wait... wait a minute." I was like, "Uh, ok." Then I remembered it was my birthday and she was probably giving me hints that I would get doughnuts after all.

A little after 9:00, my boss's BFF, who was in charge while Real Boss was out, came around the corner of my cubicle with two boxes from Dunkin Donuts. She apologized for getting them from there but she said that she was planning to get them from a real bakery from home but forgot about it until she got on the train to work. She said she called Krispy Kreme, but they were too far away and she had to settle for Dunkin. That really didn't bother me because a. I was just happy that they actually knew about my birthday, and b. Boston Kreme doughnuts from Dunkin are THE SHIT.

Then yesterday, around 9:00, Pretend Boss walks in with two boxes of doughnuts from the real bakery. "I felt so bad about not getting the good ones!" she said.

About a half hour later one of my co-workers genuinely asked me, "Wasn't it just your birthday?"

Hey, what can you do?

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bex said...

two doughnut days? best birthday ever.