Thursday, September 28, 2006

My brother is more of a man than I.

I don't really see a resemblance between me and my brother, unless you consider the cold, dead stare that we love to use when forced to have our pictures taken. Orrr the debilitating fear of haircuts.

(That gash would probably lose its effect if I told you that David got it while playing golf.)


Christina said...

But what about the HOMEWORK CONSPIRACY!?

Anonymous said...

As sad as it was, I'm apparently not the only one who got hurt playing golf. Doctor 1 said he got hit in the nose on a follow through and it completely knocked him out. After that was said, Doctor 2 chimed in and said she hit someone while swinging a golf club. Golf is a lot more dangerous than you might think.


Anonymous said...

Good looks run in the family I see.