Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This router should not be used by idiots.

Remember how a few days ago I posted an entry complaining about how our internet was shut off because we violated the internet policy? I thought I did something when I tried to change the name of our network and put a password on it. I was certain that our "rogue server" was the result of some kind of internal fuck-up. Because really, I don't understand what that means, so it must be some kind of really complicated Internet shit.

So I called the Internet People yesterday to ask for help, and I was really confused when the guy said, "You just need to make sure to plug the box in correctly." He said this twice. Finally, I asked, "What do you MEAN? Did we plug it into the wrong wall or something?!"

Finally, he told me to look at the back of my router. This is what it looked like:

Notice the first socket that says "WAN"? Well, on my router it said, "Internet". See the socket that has the number one above it? The one that you're supposed to plug Ethernet cords into to connect your computer to the cable internet the old-fashioned way?

Well, that's where the shit was plugged in. Not the one that said "Internet". We are dumb.

After I apologized for several times (apparently they had gotten complaints from several units in the building because the internet was screwed-up all over), the guy replies, "Hey, don't worry about it. Just read the directions next time! HA HA HA!"



kristel said...

Yeah, Tyler, just read the directions next time!

bets said...

you are my favorite.