Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My birthday stresses me out.

My boss buys donuts for the entire office when someone has a birthday. You can imagine how everyone (including myself) goes apeshit over free donuts. Everybody loves free donuts.

So here's the thing: my birthday is next Friday. I don't think my boss knows this. In fact, my boss is going on a three-week vacation a few days before my birthday.

Should I say something about my birthday? I mean, I really don't care, personally, if no one knows about it, because I'd rather not make a big deal about my birthday or have awkward interactions with coworkers who will probably ask me how old I'm turning and then say something about me being so goddamn young.

BUT what if three months from now someone happens to ask me when my birthday is, and then they get all weird because I didn't say anything now? Should I get the awkward thing out of the way and also get a free donut, or should I just deal with being that weird guy who works here who doesn't want everyone else to have a free donut in his honor?

One of my managers added me on MySpace last week. I hope she just gets a message and fixes this issue for me.

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bex said...

you should send birthday cards to yourself early and leave them around (unopened). When someone asks about the pile of birthday cards being delivered to your desk, nonchalantly say that you are waiting for your birthday next week to open them. i will send you one from california so that it looks legit. because: free doughnuts!