Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kristin! Oh, shit. We've got roaches.

I'm at Argo down the street from my house right now because our internet was shut off. Apparently, our wireless router was sending out other IP addresses or something. I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I found this out yesterday via the letter that was slipped under the door, which also told me that we now owe thirty-five dollars because the Internet People took a long time to find the "Rogue Server" that was screwing up the Internet for the rest of the people in the building.

So, if you live in my building: Sorry, Dudes. I may or may not have accidentally created a "rogue server" when I fiddled with the router options in order to put a password so that Hollis_Owner could not access our free wireless internet. It's very possible that any changes I made may or may not have been the cause for our stupid internet problems.

The best part! is that it's Labor Day weekend, which means everything's closed until Tuesday! Yessss! No Internet until Tuesday! Life RAWKS.

Also, when I was out last night, Christina called me to say that we had roaches. Three of them. Three roaches. Of course, the girls did not kill the roaches. They sat there with their feet up on the couches, watching TV while the little bugs scurried around. I haven't decided if that's fear or laziness.

AND OF COURSE I DIDN'T FORGET THAT YESTERDAY WAS KRISTIN'S BIRTHDAY. Poor Kristin, I'm sure she was just torn up that I couldn't post some bitchin' pictures in her honor. Lucky for Kristin, Argo has free wireless internet, AAAAND I have already organized the best of her pictures in a fancy Flickr photoset.

Also, I have access to YouTube, and a digital camera that takes shitty videos. Happy Birthday, Kristin! Hope you don't mind that the lip sync is all screwy!!!

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