Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I think it's time for a long lunch.

I have absolutely nothing to do, so my cube-neighbor and I are sitting here pretending to do work for a while. I really wish I could just read the book I need to read by Thursday but I feel that would be slightly obvious.

I wonder if I could manage to crawl under the desk and nap for a while, having everyone assume I'm taking a bathroom break. But that would be weird, too.

Instead, I'm compulsively checking the Things We Hate statistics page, which is blowing my mind. We got a mention today on Gaper's Block, and we've already had eighty visitors, a number this site rarely gets.

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Anonymous said...

if we weren't having frequent outage issues, i reckon it'd be higher. :\
-matt/5500 (who didn't realize linking his google account to his blogger account would prevent him from commenting. argh.)