Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This is why McDonald's makes me angry.

Exhibit A:
no cheese

Exhibit B:


Anonymous said...

well, what do you expect, going to mcdonalds?!

Sara said...

McDonalds makes me angry by existing. Grrr, McDonalds!

gutenmegan said...

grrr, mcdonalds indeed.

seriously though, nothing makes me madder than cheese. yech.

sarah said...

hahahahahaha. i hope you have a mental breakdown because this post makes you look kind of crazy.

Stella said...

I always ask for cheese on my #6 and they never do it. We're fighting similar battles. I feel your pain.

bex said...

yeah. you should really stop pretending that mcdonalds is a restaurant where you might actually get to order something according to your exact specifications.

plus, if you dont have the cheese and onions, how would the bun stick so nicely to that little greasy meat patty? your hamburger would fall apart.

Broady said...

my thing at mcdonald's is the Happy Meal with a plain cheeseburger. Almost always, they get it right. I assumed the reason for my success was because it was less work to slap on less condiments, but your post flies in the face of that theory. I dunno.

One time, though, I came DAMN close to throwing a coke at the person working the Chick-Fil-A drivethrough window. Talk about a surly bitch. Utter relief when I look back on that... I don't relish having to explain an assault charge on a fast food worker.