Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Afternoon Poll: What's your favorite '90s album?

Sorry, guys. There was some messiness this morning at work and I spent my lunchbreak trying to secure a new job, so I didn't have time to post a question the entire Internet (the whole thing - every goddamn one of you) could ponder over. So here we go!

It's March, which is the month that I a. thank God for, since Feburary is over, and b. spend a lot of time not paying attention to college basketball. Lucky for me, the music bloggers over at Merry Swankster have made this month more interesting, if only for me (and for Adam, who I somehow convinced to give a shit). They're having their own version of March Madness, but it's involving the best albums of the '90s. Who'll win? Radiohead, obvs., but I'm hoping Neutral Milk Hotel and The Magnetic Fields at least make it in the Final Four.

Anyway, when you're done checking out the brackets and setting up pools and waging lots and lots of money on the albums that, if you're like me, were too young to listen to when they were released, leave a comment HERE and tell me about your favorite album (or albums) from the '90s! Here are my picks:

Exile In Guyville (Duh.)
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
I See A Darkness
69 Love Songs
Moon Pix
Come On Feel The Lemonheads

Automatic For The People
Le Tigre


Anonymous said...

funk trick noisemaker, apples in stereo
doolittle, pixies
whatever, aimee mann

and lest i forget

12 inches of snow, snow

sarah said...

you do realize your blog's been taken over by the '90s, right?

morgan said...

the reality bites soundtrack, and daisy fuentes.

Katy said...

I only feel strongly about one album and that is OK Computer.
Before you jump on your "I hate Radiohead" box let me just say that no other album was as cohesive and important as this. It's no coincidence that people everywhere talk about it and how it is without a doubt the greatest album of our generation. It's not even neccessarily my favorite but as far as being the best, it's not even a question.
As far as innovation there hasnt been anything like it. I'd say Arcade Fire has that same potential. For me, please send your written requests to:
Katy's Radiohead Dissertation

Ben said...

If You're Feeling Sinister???


Tyler said...

God. I can't believe I forgot If You're Feeling Sinister.

And Katy, I don't hate Radiohead. I've just never been that crazy about them. I think they're good, though. And I think Exile in Guyville was just as cohesive and influential. Without it, there'd be a lack of songs about blow jobs.

Anna said...

Ah, Exile In Guyville, I feel proud to have exposed you to such glory (at least I think it was me).

And my favorite 90's cd is probably Indigo Girls (Rites of Passage) or any of Tori Amos's first four cds (Little Earthquakes/Under the Pink/Boys For Pele/From the Choirgirl Hotel) cause they were all I listened to in high school.