Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dead shark.

I'm in a pretty good mood today - an almost bizarre good mood, actually - considering my life continues to go to pot and the desperation is seeping out more and more each day.

And because my blog is, generally, an Open Letter of Immaturity, I'd like to state that I am once again single today, having been dumped (again) last night. And really, I was mad for about five seconds, but since my walk home I've had a "Meh..." kind of attitude toward it, since I'd been building myself up to break things off since Saturday anyway. So, whatevs. It's not even that big of a deal, because when someone basically calls you vapid and uninterested, it's time to cut them lose. There's no way I'm going to feel bad about reading Gawker instead of Crain's.

So, now this is happening:


Ben said...

Ah Spring, when a young man's (or woman's) fancy turns to total indifference.

What a season!

matt said...

i would stop breathing if you told me to!!!!!

(no, i'm sorry to hear, tyler. that's stinky.)

Anonymous said...

my favorite part of this video/stella the movie is the fact that she puts his shit on the car, and totally lights it up while making three snaps in z formation. i mean... DAYUM. perk up tyler, it's not you... it's march. and women. i'll tell you that as long as you tell me "it's just boys and march" too. xoxo, melanie.