Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't worry. She's a scientist and does pretty well for herself.

I spent most of the morning updating my resume (thanks to Megan and Kristel for helping me revise and providing feedback). After I finished, I sent it to my mother to look at. Not that she has any expertise with resumes; for some reason, I usually give her a call just to let her know what I'm doing. Constantly. This is why we get into fights over the phone. I call her to tell her I'm taking a class or am looking for a job and she confuses my need for someone to talk at with a need for someone to talk with.

Anyway, when I sent her my resume, she responded with:
very nice. change "oversaw" (not a word, or at least not a good one) to "oversight of" or "provided oversight for", something like that

Uh, ok. I replied with the following definition, copied and pasted from
o·ver·see –verb (used with object), -saw, -seen, -see·ing.
1. to direct (work or workers); supervise; manage: He was hired to oversee the construction crews.
2. to see or observe secretly or unintentionally: We happened to oversee the burglar leaving the premises. He was overseen stealing the letters.
3. to survey or watch, as from a higher position.
4. to look over; examine; inspect.

Thinking I was being a smartass with her, she replied,
notice that none of the examples actually use the word "oversaw", because it's not a good word.

I emailed her back.
yes, but also notice how "oversaw" is included as the past-tense form of the verb.

To which she replied:
stub·born –adjective
1. unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving: a stubborn child.
2. fixed or set in purpose or opinion; resolute: a stubborn opponent of foreign aid.
3. obstinately maintained, as a course of action: a stubborn resistance.
4. difficult to manage or suppress: a stubborn horse; a stubborn pain.
5. hard, tough, or stiff, as stone or wood; difficult to shape or work.

So I sent this to her:
fat·head –noun
1. a stupid person; fool.

She hasn't written me back.


morgan said...

oh shit. fathead. now THAT'S good.

sarah said...

when i clicked on your blog a minute ago, i just glanced at the text and thought that this exchange had taken place, via email, between you and a potential employer. i have to say, i was a little disappointed that this ended up not being the case.