Friday, March 30, 2007

I took a sip from my devil cup?

Our server is down today so I have absolutely nothing to do. I've been playing Sudoku for an hour and a half, and Gawker isn't updating quickly enough for me. So to avoid being bored enough to read Wonkette, here are two random, unrelated thoughts

I downloaded this five-song sampler of songs from Mark Ronson's upcoming album, Version, and there's a cover of "Toxic" that makes me flip my shit whenever I hear it. It's great because he mixes in a Ol' Dirty Bastard song that includes the lyric, "Fuck the pussy 'til it's orange like Ernie and Bert." I think we all know my stance on the p-word (it should only be used for humor's sake!) (it reminds me too much of first grade, which should give you an idea of what my public school system was like), but that line's too good to ignore, especially since it's in a cover of a Britney Spears song.

Also, I've got this ticket to see Neko Case tonight, and I'm totally not excited about it at all. It's either because of my shitty week, or a sign of a larger issue (apathy toward favorite activities is a sign of depression!), but I really don't feel like going, especially since it's sold out and no one is going with me. Julia and I have been looking for tickets on Craigslist for a few days but I'm not having any luck, so we'll see if I can convince her to buy them from a scalper in front of Park West (which is highly unlikely considering Julia's hesitations that undercover cops might be trying to catch people on Craigslist). Still, I'd rather be by myself in a room of 899 strangers and Neko Case than sitting at home, most likely making it a double-feature night of Eddie and the Cruisers and Blood Diamond. Buzzkill!

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raccoon said...

please go to the concert

then post a setlist. maybe take a nifty recording device with you (for those of us who fell asleep before the computer, waiting for ticket fucking master to load)?