Friday, March 03, 2006

And hold like a breeze half as tight as both eyes closed.

Oh, work shwork. It's Friday, and since everyone else apparently gets to wear jeans and I didn't know about it, I'm taking a 35-minute lunch break. Boo-yah.

I've had a rough couple of days. My knee has been sore for about three weeks now, and I hit the apex of pain on Wednesday when my thirty-minute ride on the El seemed like an eight-hour ride where someone was shoving sharp objects into my joints. When I got home I realized that my knee was quite swollen. This was also the night where I was going to redo my resume and such, and, of course, none of that happened. I spent the night with an ice-pack on my knee and being angry at everything. I got mad at Project Runway several times, mostly about Santino and once about Daniel Vosovic (you know it used to cool to see kids your age who were famous? well, now I hate it when people who are my age are famous). Then I ended the night with an online argument with Julia over whether or not "growing pains" actually exist. (I know they don't, but I was just in the mood to argue.)

I have nothing to do this weekend. I suppose I could clean my room. I have a huge pile of clothes on the floor at the foot of my bed that could probably go into my dresser. Actually, most of them could go into the dirty clothes hamper. I get to feed Dan and Kristin's cat this weekend because they're going somewhere. Out of the country. Kristin called the other day to ask me and explained that Dan told her to have a bag packed and her passport ready on Saturday morning because they were going somewhere until Wednesday. I guess things like this actually happen to people, and I guess I'm glad it's happening to someone I know.

Joe told me that one of his friends is having a belated Valentine's Day party, and apparently if you wear pink you get free alcohol. I still don't get this whole "paying for alcohol at house parties" deal. JMU definitely spoiled me. I do have an ugly pink tie that I found in my dad's leisure suit, so I suppose I could wear that, but the idea of being drunk with mostly strangers doesn't sound so exciting.

Although for the past two days at work I've listened to a lot of Iron & Wine and I'm in a very makey-outy sort of mood.

Still, I should try to do something productive this weekend, like mail the mix CDs I've promised people and finish Falling Through the Earth. And I'd like to get "Islands in the Stream" out of my head.

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Steve said...

I, too, have a boring weekend in store. Keep me in mind if you do anything exciting.