Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This week in weird!

Weird item number one: Richard Dreyfuss was the guest of honor at my alma mater, James Madison University, during Madison Week last week. Madison Week is (I think, since I never attended any of the functions while I was a student because, uh, I had stuff to do) when the college pretends it actually has something to do with James Madison to rival UVA's actual association with Thomas Jefferson. They usually bring in a speaker who, in past years, is a historian or political figure of some sort. This year: Richard Dreyfuss, star of Jaws, Mr. Holland's Opus, and (Sarah's favorite) Stakeout 2: Another Stakeout.

Weird item number two: Richard Dreyfuss got married in Harrisonburg during Madison Week.

Uh, wha'?

According to People magazine, Dreyfuss married his Russian girlfriend, Svetlana Erokhin, unexpectedly at the Harrisonburg courthouse. Says Andy Perrine, JMU spokesman and associate vice president of communications and marketing: "[O]ne look at Svetlana and you wouldn't be surprised he wanted to marry her. She's beautiful and has a sultry Russian accent. She clearly is head over heels in love with Richard, who is captivatingly funny. They were like two young loves who couldn't seem to get enough of each other." Thanks, Andy. That was spectacularly US Weekly worthy!

I think my favorite part of the article described an interaction between Dreyfuss and one of Harrisonburg's finest, Deputy Bill Spinar, the dude who stands by the metal detector at the courthouse. Spinar said, "I happened to glance at him and said, 'You look like Richard Dreyfuss.' He said, 'I am Richard Dreyfuss.' I said, 'Yeah, sure you are.' He said, 'Seriously, I am Richard Dreyfuss' ... and he laughed at me."

Hey, UVA - how many washed up celebrities from the '70s have gotten married in Charlottesville? None? That's what I thought. Go Dukes!!!


Steve said...

I'm so proud of the good ol' purple and yellow (was it purple and yellow?). Way to make a name for yourselves. First that football thingy, and now this Dreyfuss thingy. Pretty soon, it'll be the big time.

Christina said...

Ahem, its purple and GOLD. Also, I'm so sad I couldn't have witnessed that, maybe they'll make a richard statue giving a hi five to ole jimmy mad.

morgan said...

i am so upset tyler. i wanted to be the one to give you this news. i read it in the post today and could not wait to tell you. damn you, people mag.