Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We can rely on each other, uh huh.

I had a really good morning. I managed to sleep until 7:20 and still be ready to leave the house at 7:50. I made myself a turkey sandwhich, which I was excited about because bringing my lunch is a hell of a lot cheaper than getting McDonald's ever day (and, you know, just slightly more healthy). It's getting to be in the 30s now, which means I can wear my denim jacket and retain a little bit of coolness as opposed to wearing my size-to-large Old Navy wool coat. And I even listened to "Islands in the Stream" twice on the way to work. Oh hell yes I did.

Then I got to work, and thirty-two applications later I'm exhausted and frustrated. I found a class at DePaul that starts in the Spring that I'm interested in taking. I looked up the tuition for graduate courses and I found that it's about $430 per credit. Which means that the one class would be about $1700. Yikes. Then I decided to look up the tuition for University of Chicago because I'm just a masochist like that. My heart literally sunk into my stomach and my boss had to call the paramedics to come and yank it out of there and put it back into place. (Did I say "literally"? I meant "figuratively". Sorry about that.)

So tonight I'm going to spend the evening working on my resume (which includes making up what my job title might be, because I have no idea) and watching movies. If I do more than the "watching movies" bit, I'll be satisfied with myself. Let's go, motivation!

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