Monday, March 27, 2006

Three cheers for the upper 40s!

On Saturday night Nicole and I were walking home from Steve and Lisa's house. After dodging several groups of drunk people outside of the Schoolyard and SoPo, we managed to make it to our block without having anyone yell at us. When we turned on Waveland and began walking toward our street, I noticed that on the other side of the street was a man trying to shut the passenger door of his SUV. He was having some problems with it. Then I heard some shouting. About fifteen feet away, a shirtless man stood outside of his open apartment door smoking a cigarette, yelling at SUV guy. "You've got twenty seconds to get your ass in here! I'm going to bed! And I don't know who the fuck is still in that car, but they can't come in!"

SUV guy replies, "Don't worry, she's just going to sleep in the driver's seat."

It's officially Springtime in Chicago, y'all.


Kristin said...

Yeah, sorry about that. Ever since Dan bought that Escalade our weekends have been nuts.

Marty said...

Off the subject of this post - but I totally agree about Lilly. I (secretly) wanted to read My Friend Leonard after finishing the book, but TSG put the kibosh on that. Ridiculous!!!