Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good morning, sunshine.

I posted the picture this morning because I wasn't sure if I would be at my desk today, since we're pretty much finished with the backlog of applications and now we're doing "clean up". But, here I am, so I get to post. Wee.

Anyway, the point of the picture is that I need a haircut. Badly. When my hair can defy grafity without the help of product, something must be done. It's especially long in the front, which is a first; I actually have to use Janna's flat-iron or my hair will flip-up and look really bad. I also have to use gel just to tame it. It's a beast.

Speaking of beasts, Nicole called last night around nine o'clock. "Are you home?" she asked, and I said yes. Then she said, "Okay, good. I'm standing outside and there's an animal standing on the porch in front of the door." I walked to the hall to look out the window on the door and, sure enough, there was the neighborhood possum that I've seen rummaging through the neighbor's trash. I knocked on the door and, instead of walking down the stairs, it walked up the stairs to the third floor deck. Nicole ran in really quickly, and we stood there at the window for a while staring at it. It finally went back down the stairs and we saw that it had a big chunk of fur missing on its right side. Nicole then thought it was cute, but I'm still a little weary of a possum hanging out around our house.

I've been pretty good about getting to work on time. I've only overslept twice, which is amazing considering I got Cs in two English classes simply because they were at 9:30 and I missed two many class sessions from not waking up. I set two alarms every morning - one on my clock and one on my phone - for 6:30, but I hit snooze for (and this is the goddamn truth) fifty minutes. Which means I get up at 7:20 everyday, which gives me enough time to shower, get dressed, fix my stupid hair, and fix the occasional sandwhich all before I leave the house around 8:00. And I think it's stupid that I go through fifty minutes of waking up every five minutes just to walk across the room to cut my alarm off, but I'm afraid that if I just set my alarms for 7:20, I wouldn't wake up until 8:00. This is a really pointless fear, however; on Saturdays I wake up in a panic around 7:30 thinking I have to get out of bed and go to work. Every Saturday. I can't wait until I don't do that on the weekends. My dad told me it'll probably be another twenty years before I'm used to it.

I'm going to see Sarah Harmer at Schuba's tonight with Julia and Canadian-friend Rebecca. I had forgotten until yesterday afternoon, so it's kind of like finding ten dollars in your coat pocket. I already bought the ticket, but that was so long ago that when I remembered yesterday I thought, "Yay, free concert!" But not really. Anyway, Julia has an extra ticket so if anyone has actually heard of Sarah Harmer and likes her (Weakerthans fans: she sings with John K. Sampson on "Benediction"), let me know before 8:00 tonight.


Kelly said...

Maybe you should be on 8th and Ocean instead of the Rolling Stone show? Just a suggestion.

Sara said...

Mmm. That hair shape is... disturbing. It looks like your brain is trying to force itself out of the top right portion of your skull. Good picture, though.