Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This is boring. Imagine these random stories as variety-show musical numbers.

Today I'm wearing a ripped Lacoste girl's sweater that I bought at a thrift store in Tappahannock. I don't care if it's not biz casz, 'cause I like it. Besides, no one else really adheres to a dress code here; they pretty much wear jeans every day. I'm sure my pin-stripe pants make me look more of a square than usual. I still haven't really interacted with anyone here, save for an awkward run-in yesterday in front of the file cabinet, where I was looking for some files to match up with applications:

Me: "Do you need to get in here?"
Coworker: "Yeah... I need to go through the Bs."
Me: "Oh, ok, I'll get out of your way."
(Short pause.)
Coworker: "Yyyeeeppp...I need the Bs, 'cause I already talked to the birds."

Here's something I like: the new Neko Case album. I think I'm just going to have to buy tickets to see her at the end of March. I think I'll even pass on Jenny Lewis next week. That's how much I'm enjoying Neko Case right now. I'm going to pass on the girl I've had a crush on since The Wizard came out in 1989. Sorry, Jenny, I'm a grown-up now. I like grown-up things.

I'm really excited about seeing Belle & Sebastian / New Pornographers this weekend, but I found out today that Neko and Dan Bejar are not touring with the Pornos. Why, exactly, would they tour without two of their three vocalists? They also have the more distinct voices, so I think that's weird. I'm still excited about seeing them, though.

Last night I ventured up to Andersonville to hear Danielle Trussoni read from Falling Through the Earth at Women and Children First. I still haven't finished the book, but I still contributed to the brief Q&A. She recognized me from MySpace (yes, I'm a nerd), and I talked to her after the reading. She was very nice and not at all what I expected (based on her memoir).

I got a package from my mother yesterday filled with various food items, including popcorn, pretzel Goldfish, and Girl Scout cookies. I think it's funny that my mom never sent me care packages from her when I went to college. I guess that because I only lived three hours away she figured I could drive home if I wanted some goddamned Thin Mints. I'm sure she imagines what I'm eating here everytime she sits down to dinner at home, believing that I'm wasting away to nothing here while spending all of my money on wine and CDs. I do eat, Mom, I promise.

I traveled two floors up this morning to the student union to get a drink from the Coke machine, and it was the first time that I actually felt like I was on a college campus (other than seeing the random student passed-out on the floor down the hall). There was a lot of activity: people on laptops, people reading their economics textbooks, people playing pool and arcade games (Which I suddenly realized might be a staple at "student unions" across America. Eff you, JMU, for not having arcade games of bonafide student unions. Taylor Down Under can suck it). There's even a rooftop deck that overlooks State Street and faces the Sears Tower; maybe I'll spend my lunch breaks up there when the temperature breaks sixty-five.

I'm so glad that it's basically Spring here in Chicago. It was forty-one degrees when I walked to work this morning, and I didn't even need to wear my hat. I'm excited about warm weather. I want to go exploring more and take more pictures. Steve half-assed a proposal for a photo scavenger hunt on Friday night. I think it's a good idea for warm weather, though, and I'd be up for it.


MonoCerdo said...

Are the college people where you are wearing sandals yet? They are here, and to me, that is the true hallmark of Spring: flip-flops on a co-ed's feet.

Steve said...

Flip flops occur in mid-February to college's not a spring thing so much as an "everything but snow" thing.