Thursday, March 23, 2006

My big break is in the works, y'all.

So Christina was reading USA Today while working at her coffee shop in Danville (which must be the greatest place ever. I'd love to get a chai latte in the last capitol of the Confederacy.) and she saw something about a new reality show on MTV. Here's the gist:

Have you ever dreamt of writing for a major national magazine?

We are looking for dynamic, motivated young writers who have a passion for culture and want the chance to show their stuff at one of the world's most respected magazines.

We will choose a group of talented writers to work for the summer in Rolling Stone's New York offices as FULL-TIME STAFF WRITERS, with all of the opportunities and responsibilities that entails. Your experiences will be filmed for an MTV show exploring the fast-paced world of publishing and entertainment journalism.

At the end of the summer, one outstanding writer will be chosen to receive a ONE-YEAR CONTRACT as a Contributing Writer to the magazine.

Whether your specialty is music, film, sports, fashion, or politics, whether you're a working journalist, the star of your school paper, a blogger, or simply out to prove you have what it takes to fulfill your dream, we want to hear from you!

So Christina says I have to at least apply for this because "it's my Project Runway." And I suppose she's right. The worst that could happen is that I don't get picked. The second-worst thing is that I would get a call-back and a free trip to New York and then not get picked.

The only problem I can think of right now is that I have to supply three writing samples as well as film a five-minute video where I talk about how great I am and why I want to be on the show. I think I could probably get a camera from somewhere, and I suppose I could write three things about movies, music, and pop culture to show that I have strong opinions. Of course, there's this: I'm not MTV material. I'm just not. I'm not even aggressive enough to fight with someone I'm living with (I assume I'd have to live with the other people on the show?). But, as Christina said, "There has to be at least one skinny guy in the group of hot hunky guys." I suppose that's somewhat true.

So I might as well apply. I mean, what else do I have going on? The deadline is April 7, so if anyone has any pointers for my videotape (because, admit it, we've ALL watched at least one full season of The Real World), give me a holler.

I also realize that if I go through with this I can no longer make fun of Steve for applying to Mensa.


Steve said...

No, you can still make fun. It'll keep my ego in check.

Kenneth J Close said...

Danville makes the blog again.

Why is this person in danville? Poor girl.

Christina "Dreammaker" Coates. said...

First off, Mr. Kenneth J, lay off, I don't want to be here.

Secondly I knew you would blog about this, AND I love how this is a carbon copy of our conversation. Sigh. Oh Tyler. You owe me big if you make it mister man.

cindy said...

so exciting, you are TOTALLY MTV material. i mean i can see it now, you giving a some conservative political journalist a lapdance whilst they sip their unbrella laden