Monday, August 07, 2006

Count it off.

I'm tired. For some reason I couldn't get to sleep last night and was up past three. And I woke up at six. And I would write something eloquent about how yesterday was my one-year-in-Chicago mark, but I can't. I knew I would be this tired last night so I began this blog post. All I have to do is post it and then I can think of ways to stay awake for the next eight hours. Do you think anyone would miss me if I went and took a fifteen minute nap in the bathroom? I'm highly considering it.

Anyway, after one year of living in Chicago:

Amount of money spent on rent: $8215.17

Amount of money spent on public transportation: Approx. $900+

Amount of credit card debt: $433.41

Amount of money owed to parents: Approx. $5000+

Number of roommates: 5

Number of Chicago MySpace friends made: 12

Number of internet contacts met in real life: 4

Number of JMU alumni I know in Chicago: 13

Number of job interviews: 8

Number of interviews at temp agencies: 4

Number of temp assignments: 5

Number of days worked at Urban Outfitters: 4

Number of days before official employment: 282

Number of Jennifer Aniston sightings: 0

Number of Jennifer Aniston sightings (vicariously through others): 2

Number of genuinely embarrassing drunken moments: 4

Number of visits to Bar Louie in Wrigleyville: 5

Number of regretful visits to Bar Louie: 5

Number of concerts attended: 19

Number of DVD rentals from Netflix: 139

Number of Gilmore Girls DVD rentals from Netflix: 24

Number of hours watching Gilmore Girls (on DVD): Approx. 4,950

Number of Craigslist missed connections written about me: 2

Number of serious Craigslist missed connections written about me: 0

Number of trips to Schaumburg: 2

Number of rides in U-Hauls: 4

Number of crimes witnessed: 1

I hope Chicago: Year Two brings more brushes with celebrity, less JMU alumni, and more crime. Seriously, Chicago, let's step it up with the crime.


megan said...

move to dc! we have crime aplenty.

my co-worker is now telling me all about the hookers with no pants on who hang around outside the washington post building. faaaascinating.

promise, will respond to your email after lunch.

Lisa said...

Thank god I'm not a real JMU alum, so we can be friends foreva!

Sara said...

Is the 6th really your 1 year anniversary in Chicaco? What an auspicious day! I've been married a year as of Aug. 6!

megan said...

Christina, JMU alum said...

Thanks a lot. Ass.

Tyler said...

I figured that it was understood that, after you, my JMU alumni quota is full. Ass.