Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's learn mathematics with Project Runway!

Now that Malan and Keith are gone and there's no one to gross me out and piss me off*, respectively, I figured that PR fans need a new villian, and that person is Laura.

In case you didn't know, Laura is an ARCHITECT. She also has FIVE CHILDREN. I, and Laura, thought you should know this. Do not forget it. If you forget it, I, and Laura, will remind you. Every five minutes.

Also, for those of you who don't watch Project Runway and don't get who Laura is, I've come up with a handy mathematical equation for you.

Neko Case + Architecture + Five Kids + Penis = Laura.


*Keith doesn't piss me off. He** was the best designer on the show.
**For those of you who don't watch the show, Keith looks like Jude Law if you're kinda drunk.


Kelly said...

I heard she's having another kid!

megan said...

SHE HAS FIVE CHILDREN?! She's a stick. And she draws very bubbliciously.

jared said...

Laura is my favorite... and Keith was lame and his designs were simple and he couldn't do difficult things. And no one likes a conceited jackass. Correction: unfortunately, everyone likes a conceited jackass.

marty said...

Dude, I heart Laura. I loved that whole "I have five kids and am 41 and so sweatpants ... I just - don't go there."