Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally! Blogger crotch shots!

Oooh, I can't wait for the Google searches that title will yield.

On Saturday night, Lisa, Steve, Kristin, and I had a 4-way birthday party. To avoid certain possible cult members from finding my blog, I'll avoid directly stating what the theme was. (Here's a clue: it involved "science" and "tology.") Anyway, I managed to leave the party with a few pictures on my camera, so I'll share them instead of giving a play-by-play of Me Being Drunk.

Here I am with Nicole. Notice the big sunglasses, my unshaven face, and the sliver of Sarah's face to the left.

Here's Nicole, pointing to a word on her chest. It says "boobs" because she's a girl and she's got big ones. Notice the intoxicated / smug look on my face in the background as I say to my co-partier, "Yes, Sarah's eyes are terrifying me right now, too."

You can also see from these pictures that I was not dressed particularly like someone might at a party with a theme involving "science" and "tology." (Unless you conisder that I was looking a little like Beck, who many people discovered, much to their disappointment, that he is a fan of "science" and "tology.") Luckily, Steve and Lisa bought two-hundred feet of aluminum foil. Here are Kristin and Dan constructing some accessories:

And then this happened:

And then this:

And then:That really has nothing to do with aluminum foil, but it's 100% funnier and 100% creepier.

After Kristin decided to draw everyone's attention to Nicole's breasts, Lisa did the same for Kristin, sort of. It just involved everyone looking at her ass first and then spinning her around to see if her "tatas" were in fact "spicey." Then Kristin went alphabet sticker-crazy on me:I do believe that my stickers were the most accurate.

Finally, you should probably know that I was wearing white jeans. They're important for the following reasons:
1. I own white jeans.
2. My mother bought them for me against my objections. "You never know when you'll need them, Tyler." Obviously, she was right. At the next costume party I shall use them for my Gay European ensemble.
3. I'd like to note that I drank red wine and I did not spill any on my white jeans.

So there you go. And you're welcome for the crotch shot.


Laurie said...

hot package.

bex said...

that looks a lot like pretty much every Scientology party I have ever been to. minus the white jeans.

bex said...

also, this is the second post in a row that you have used the word Crotch. I'd like to see you continue the theme