Monday, August 14, 2006


This morning I registered for the online edition of the New York Times because I wanted to read an article about how Africa is so hot right now. Gawker suggested it, and since I get most of my news these days from Gawker, I figured I should read it to keep in touch with the snobby East-Coast liberal I've repressed since moving to Chicago.

Registering for the NYT online edition is really annoying because I know that I've done it before and can't remember what email I used.

After trying to log-in with every possible identity (oh, come on, NYT online editon, you don't remember me? coatesjt at jmu dot edu? jotyco? jmuflyyboi69?), I gave up and registered for a new account.

When prompted for the super secret question, I chose, "What is your favorite book?" I responded with Sophie's Choice because, well, it's my favorite book. But the NYT would hear none of it. They refused to respect my opinion and told me that I had made an error. After a few more unsuccessful tries, I put in The Da Vinci Code and they finally let me read the dumb article.

(The last part isn't true, but wouldn't it just be hi-larious if it was?!)

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